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Terms & Conditions

United States Government required disclaimer: Anticipated results are based on past performance. Similar future performance is anticipated but in no way guaranteed. Failure to abide by entry and exit recommendations can result in loss of capital. Please be aware of the risks of entering the market. Certain investments or strategies may not be suitable for your trading style. Please use professional discretion before subscribing to any trading strategy. All recommendations provided are suggestions and in no way guarantee success. Decisions made by the investor are entirely independent of Epsilon Financial.

Previous success is based on a low commission to investment capital ratio. Please use a ratio of no more than 0.1% (example: $5.00 commission / $5,000.00 investment capital = 0.1%). For better results decrease this ratio by lowering brokerage commission rates and/or increasing investment capital (example: $2.50 commission / $10,000.00 investment capital = 0.025%).

Do not enter markets without proper psychological discipline and knowledge of the stock market and trading terms. A general knowledge of market movements, technical indicators, and equity order placement is expected.

Investment strategies may change in an attempt to adapt to market conditions. Please routinely visit the appropriate Strategy and Terms & Conditions pages for pertinent changes.