STG (Short Term Growth) Strategy

STG (Short Term Growth) Strategy (Daily Picks)

The STG strategy is best suited for active traders, holding positions for one to ten days. Each stock recommendation will be displayed with the intended date and price (range) of purchase. It is not recommended to purchase a selected equity or ETF at any other price or on any other day than suggested. All recommended stocks are thoroughly analyzed in an attempt to maximize gains and minimize risk. If no stock is deemed suitable for recommendation The Advisor STG will not display a pick for that day.

Profit target: Profit targets will generally range from 5% to 15% above entry price. The Advisor STG uses compounding (continual reinvestment of these small gains) to achieve larger, long term gains. It is recommended that the investor does not seek larger gains in a trade unless stated otherwise.

Protect from loss: Many recommendations will have moderate to high volatility. It is suggested, based on this expected volatility as well as previous success, that the investor use mental and/or time stops.

Mental stop: Monitor positions. If the price of the stock touches the suggested exit point ("protect from loss") and shows no signs of turning upward, exit the position.

Time stop: If the stock does not reach the suggested profit target within ten days, exit the position (unless specified otherwise).

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