LTG (Long Term Growth) Strategy

LTG (Long Term Growth) Strategy (Yearly Picks)

The LTG strategy is best suited for less active, long term investors. Portfolio re-balance recommendations will be given once per year.

How to purchase: Purchase all 50 recommended stocks with equal monetary allocation (e.g. with $100,000 investment capital, invest $2,000 on each of the 50 recommended stocks). Share amounts may differ between positions but currency amounts should not. (Previous success of this application is based on a 50 stock portfolio. A portfolio of fewer stocks is acceptable but may yield different results.)

When to purchase: Re-balance portfolio in December of every year. (The coming year's selections will be available in mid December each year.) Sell all previous year's stocks that do not appear on the coming year's selection list.  Purchase any/all new stocks that appear on the coming year's selection list.

Please review Terms & Conditions before investing.
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