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With the significantly negative market performance that surrounded our last election, investors are acutely aware of a potential increase in market volatility as the days pass by. Though the factors that affected our markets in 2008 are significantly less of a concern this time around, safer, well diversified investments are, in my opinion, becoming very attractive as this year's election approaches.

In a search for safety and diversity, many closed-end funds (CEF) can offer both; as well as a consistent income via frequent distributions.

CEFs, like mutual funds, offer instant diversity to investors while also offering better liquidity by way of their stock-like tradability. Safety, on the other hand, can be found by researching a number of metrics.

When focusing on consistent income from distributions, I like to look at a CEF's distribution history as well as its undistributed net investment income (UNII), a metric that shows how much undistributed portfolio income is available to meet future distributions without dipping into capital gains or shareholder capital.

Those CEFs that offer monthly distributions, have historically consistent distribution payouts, currently have undistributed portfolio income (positive UNII), and offer a high distribution rate are, in my opinion, most appealing.

Simply stated, I recently searched for CEFs with the following characteristics:

  • Monthly distribution frequency
  • A consistent distribution payout
  • Positive UNII
  • Sorted by distribution rate

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